Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get assistance from ACAB?

You can email us, and we will meet with you and determine your eligibility in a few easy steps.


How do I donate to ACAB?

Currently, you can send payments via personal check, as well as pay through Paypal and Venmo online or using your mobile telephone. More information can be found by contacting acab.info.bloomington@gmail.com


Do I need to complete some sort of counseling or advising regarding my pregnancy in order to receive assistance?

We trust you to make the decisions that are the best for you, and offer judgement free financial assistance.  Our purpose is to provide financial assistance for these procedures, and are not a counseling agency.  If you desire counseling regarding these procedures, we can direct you to several resources in the area.


Are you part of Planned Parenthood or other regional pregnancy assistance resources?

We have contacts with many other organizations, but we operate as our own nonprofit entity.   Our sole purpose is to provide financial assistance for abortions and other reproductive health care procedures.


How do you work?

We are a functioning 501c3 nonprofit with an executive board of 6 members and a volunteer staff of 8 community members. Our organization does not have an official building or open hours.  We offer assistance by appointment only.  By keeping the organization simple, we keep our overhead costs low, which allows us to direct donations to people who need them, rather than extraneous costs related to the maintenance of a large program. 


How can I raise money for ACAB?

We need people to help by throwing benefit events and fundraisers for our organization.  Fundraisers include (but are not limited to) dance parties, benefit shows, trivia nights, bowl-a-thons, door-to-door fundraising, bake sales, and online crowdfunding campaigns. Please email us to let us know that you are throwing a benefit!